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Process: Preparing a Successful Product launch from Octane AI

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Benefits of a smooth product launch:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fewer issues when you have a full marketing launch
  • Increased efficiency of your design and development team
  • Proper expectations for launch timing and the work required to support your launch are conveyed

Product launch steps:

  1. Identify the customer problem your launch is solving
  2. Collaborate internally to identify a minimum viable product (MVP) that would solve the customer's core problem
  3. Sync with engineering, work with UX on the UX flow, and agree on a scope for the initial release
  4. Identify metrics to judge the success of your launch
  5. Choose how you want to launch your product
  6. Finalize timing for your launch
  7. Work with your team towards the release
  8. Soft-launch or private beta and gain insights with customer feedback and insights
  9. Iterate and prepare for the marketing launch
  10. Marketing launch
  11. Learn, iterate post-launch, and reflect on success metrics
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