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Prioritize the Roadmap

  1. Make a single list of all your team’s ideas
  2. T-shirt-size (XS, S, M, L, XL) each idea on two dimensions: estimated impact and estimated cost
  3. Sort the list based on the highest ratio of impact-to-cost

Estimation of impacts

  • How similar projects performed in the past
  • How many users per day will see the feature
  • How much of an impact this will likely have on each user

Estimation of costs

  • Have the people who will work on this task estimate it
  • Stay away from complicated methods
    • RICE, MoSCoW, Lano, WSJF

Fit strategies into the process

A helpful guide where the Roadmap step fits in: 1. Mission: What are we trying to achieve? 2. Vision: What does the world (or product) look like when we’ve achieved it? 3. Strategy: How will we achieve our vision? 4. Goals: How will we measure our progress towards it? 5. Roadmap: What do we need to build to get there? 6. Task: What should we do today?

How to develop a strategy

  • Opportunity mapping by Teresa Torres
  • Product strategy by Lenny Rachitsky

How to prioritize small bets vs. big bets

  • 80/20 rule: 80% of resources for incremental low-risk projects, and 20% for longer-term higher-risk bets

How to come up with potential roadmap ideas

  • Talk to customers, spend quality time with previous data dives and user research, create user journey storyboards, etc.
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