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Practical Frameworks for Beating Burnout

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Roli Saxena of Clever shares the key frameworks that have helped her prioritize, focus, and survive during the toughest moments of her career and fight burnout.

  • To catch burnout, first identify the factors that lead to it.
  • Next, identify the signals that you are heading into it, or are in it already.
  • Burnout is manifested in different ways, but for many people it involves an aspect of shutting down and killing your perspective.
  • Type-A players in startups who want to do their best and accomplish the most as well as the lack of inclusive tech environments both contribute to burnout.
  • Intangibles in the workplace like employee sanity and psychological safety are important for obtaining and retaining talent.
  • Beating burnout requires mental rewiring that comes from repetitive correction.
  • Do fewer things, but do them well.
  • Use a prioritization matrix to help determine the impact for the company and the likelihood of success for different tasks on your to-do list.
  • Use a communication template to share your decisions and ensure all expectations are aligned.
  • Boundaries and discussions are essential to creating startup environments that prevent burnout.
  • It is okay to be lazy when it comes to email and only prioritize what absolutely has to get done; the rest can be done at a set date for a set amount of time to maximize efficiency.
  • Create time and space to discuss how you can better support your team and lead by example when it comes to battling burnout and setting boundaries.
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