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Piecing it together: how to design cohesive onboarding

Siya Yang
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A customer's onboarding is a holistic process that must be a constant concern for multiple teams.

In search of consistency

With no one team to own a holistic onboarding, splintering can occur. How do you empower different product teams & functions to input into onboarding but still have a comprehensive result?

One team to oversee the responsibility

A solution is to form Team Onboarding, which works with various teams to craft a scalable, long-term experience & vision. The cohesive experience is a shared responsibility across teams.

Building a design system for onboarding

There are 2 key components to deliver: 1. A modular onboarding framework 2. A new "Onboarding Home" experience

A framework for discovery

The modular onboarding framework was inspired by video game tutorials & skill trees. Each level has a clear objective & success metric, including a sequence of steps to: 1. Introduce customers to a concept & the value it brings to their business 2. Encourage users to do the simplest thing possible to learn how the concept works with minimal effort 3. Know where to go within the product to learn more about the concept

Better alignment = better onboarding

Take a step back & recognize any gaps or inconsistencies: ask why they arose & how you can ensure they won't happen again. Invest time to establish a scalable, long-term onboarding strategy & modular, adaptable framework.

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