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Overcoming impostor syndrome, introducing growth to an org, and how to partner with your Data Scientist

Lenny Rachitsky
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Dealing with imposter syndrome in Product Management

  1. See it as a sign of success
  2. See the truth in it
    1. if your negative emotions are recurring it can help to step back and ask yourself where you’re not taking responsibility in your role.
  3. Look for burnout due to over-caring, lack of appreciation, not working to your strengths or at the appropriate ability
  4. Sometimes the job is just plain hard. In this case, do four things:
    1. Keep your Perspective Taking Capacity by looking at big picture
    2. Take responsibility for your own Mindfulness
    3. Ensure you have a clear shared purpose with people around you
    4. Stay in Dialogue.

Introducing a more cross-functional and “analytical” mindset to growth to a company

  1. Bring in experts
  2. Benchmark against other companies
  3. Get buy-in from the top
  4. Run an experiment of small change first, prove its value before get buy in for bigger change
  5. Become a thought leader within the org

Work with data scientist (DS) in cross-functional team

  1. Treat them as a partner: share what and why, not just ask them to run query
  2. Know what motivates them
  3. Prioritize asks
  4. Know what you’ll do with the answer
  5. Share findings widely: encourage the DS to share it with the wider team and other DSs
  6. Put them in the spotlight
  7. Find a balance: leave a bit of room for other inputs beyond data
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