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My favorite PM interview questions

Lenny Rachitsky
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PM interview questions

  • Impact: assess if they have launched something significant and their level of responsibility
  • Collaboration: ask about a time where they disagreed with a teammate and the resolution
  • Ownership: ask about shipping a product that failed and what they learned from it
  • Leadership: assess if they spend time and energy on improving team dynamics
  • Execution: have them walk through a long-term (3 to 9 months) project from beginning to end
    • Look for their priority or goal alignment, disagreements and resolution
  • Strategy: have them explain the strategy for a previous product
  • Customer insights: look for their experience with user research
  • Vision: assess their vision for a recent project or team
  • Planning: assess their attitude towards deadlines
  • Communication: look for clarity and persuasiveness
  • Decision-making: inspect their decision-making methodology

Generalist questions

  • What’s something you’re working to improve?
  • What would your previous teammates say about you?
  • What is one aspect of your previous company culture that you like and one that you dislike?
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