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Misra's Mischief

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Clever Quotes

  • Marcelo Claure states that his clash with Rajeev Misra is actually a testament to their shared passion for their occupation. New information came to light indicating that Misra led a campaign against colleagues in his rise to COO
  • Softbank has been struggling—it failed as an investor, and saw scant returns, an increase in layoffs. Masayoshi Son is trying to mitigate the damage with a second fund, but likely to no avail

Bitcoin in Texas

  • Texas offers cheap power at a large scale—natural gas from fracking and an excess of wind energy makes the state a hotspot for Bitcoin mining companies
  • Rigs operate with greater profit, and an energy boom has ensued
  • To avoid overheating, Layer1 uses an oil-based coolant in their machines Signs of Doom
  • In America, recycling plants are burning down monthly due to Lithium-ion batteries, which heat up when damaged. We need to dispose of these at their designated centers, but many are not aware of this
  • The Catholic Church calls for transparency, inclusion, privacy, and many other inoffensive demands in the creation of ethical AI. The fact that a religion is so closely tied to the defining guidelines is a troublesome precedent


  • Having autism has become a competitive advantage at companies dealing with AI, those on the spectrum are well-suited for these jobs
  • Important because only 50% of people with autism work after graduating from high school

Long tail

  • WeWork may have gone back on their word to sell Managed by Q to Dan Teran by pursuing a competing offer from Eden Technologies
  • OnlyFans was hacked this week and trolls referred to some of the sex workers on the sites as degenerates. The safety of the platform is now in question
  • Gmail uses an algorithm to sort emails into tabs. Is this a form of influence since it affects which information you are more likely to receive? Meaningful in election years.
  • US Facebook users would consent to their information being shared by the platform for $3.50 a month, whereas German users would require $8.00

Raises and acquisitions

  • Power Grab—$856M raised
  • Eaze, a cannabis company took a hit, but secured a $15MM deal and continues to run
  • Toyota invested $400MM into
  • Headspin raised $60MM
  • Air raised $6MM
  • Blue Wire raised $1.2MM
  • Van Leeuwen, and ice cream company, raised $18.7MM
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