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Metrics Versus Experience

Julie Zhuo
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Don’t pit metrics against experience

  • The more information, the more insight and accuracy
  • Test features’ functionality and utility by measuring metrics
  • Hold team accountable around something clear and tangible
  • Define “high quality” using a hierarchy of judges or through a specific, measurable goal

Metrics can be used to justify bad decisions

  • Not everything is worth measuring: the wrong measurement may harm user experience
    • Example: time spent on app, user demographics or location

Metrics fail sometimes

  • Make do with educated guesses
  • Metrics cannot tell you: the degree to which people love or hate your product and features, people’s change in trust, your product usage’s level of simplicity, what people desire
    • May gain more understanding through qualitative surveys
  • Examples: cost of complexity, power of brand, power of bold moves

Rules of thumb

  • Track retention to assess product-market fit
  • Understand user funnel to optimize growth
  • Only highlight important metrics to streamline process
  • Understand goals to fully create an impact on your work
  • Suggest countermetrics to avoid bias and create a bigger picture
  • Utilize qualitative research to get the “why” of behaviors
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