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Marketing funnels in simple terms

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Marketing funnels are the paths that users take to reach some desired endpoint (e.g. subscription or purchase)

To determine the effectiveness of your marketing channels, you must answer:  - What customer acquisition tools are effective?  - Is your funnel improving or worsening over time?  Answer these, then work on optimizing your funnel.

How to “debug” your marketing channel

  • Consider the paths that different users take to your website or product - e.g. advertising.
  • Consider the cost per user and the effectiveness of these paths.
  • Do not be afraid to disregard an ineffective channel. 

Which part of your funnel should you focus on?

  • Start by getting people to the bottom of your funnel.
    • This confirms that people actually want your product. 
  • Begin to look at drumming up more interest at the top of your funnel to expand your market. 
  • But do not go overboard at the top of the channel.
    • Spend the bulk of your time in the middle of the funnel to determine the steps in the middle that drive users to the bottom of the funnel. 
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