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Louis Rosenfeld on how UX design can close the gaps between people

Jonathon Colman
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Louis Rosenfeld, information architect and UX designer

Building with information

  • Take information as a design material to benefit and educate people
  • Applied principles of librarianship to organize information on the WWW
  • Founded Argus Associates in 1991 to teach people how to search for and organize information on the Internet as well as manage companies’ online brand presence

Making information accessible

  • Moral duty to make information and technology work for humanity despite their massive scale and complexity
  • Good UX humanizes technology: creates connections and experiences across borders

Closing the gap

  • Two pillars: user research and diversity of perspective
  • Find and research the demand first, then propose the supply, and put them together in something new
  • For conferences, speakers show up with an idea instead of a talk and receive help from a speaker coach

Curating and orchestrating

  • Developing information (talks, books, presentations) is a collaborative, iterative process
  • Collaboration refines content and build relationships
  • People desire concrete takeaways and practical case studies

Design ops

  • Utilize design tools and systems to support designers and researchers
  • Streamline processes like recruiting and growing your teams
  • Example: Disney’s complex integration of products and services
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