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These weekly installments help teach people how technology is changing the world

Travis Kalanick unfriending his ex

  • Uber founder Travis Kalanick has sold over 90% of his stake in Uber, evacuating just as the company is coming under fire from multiple directions

Jeff Bezos and AWS

  • AWS continues to dominate the public cloud market
  • Expect 2020 to bring more AWS services

Signs of the Apocalypse

  • Drugmaker Novartis has decided to award access to its spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) treatment by raffle.

The Most Interesting Product Launch this Week

  • Plenity has released a capsule that expands in contact with liquid, allowing users to feel more full

Best of the Rest

  • Strip clubs have adapted by implementing AR dancers, virtual clubs, and BTC payments
  • Long time holders of JKHY stock finally got what they were waiting for, as its price skyrocketed
  • The real estate market appears to be adjusting in Silicon Valley
  • Underage girls have been scamming older men through tinder, exchanging elicit messages and then demanding money. One many has already taken his life
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