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Live, Social, and Shoppable: The Future of Video

Connie Chan
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Video is evolving from an add-on to a necessity

  • Video consumption is spurred by the pandemic, but screen time has risen consistently over the years.

Eras of video

  1. Television: limited production access, extensive budget and planning
  2. YouTube: no time constraints, anyone can be a creator
  3. Tik Tok: one minute or less, accessible to anyone with a smartphone
    1. Algorithm-driven discovery creates extremely personalized content

Conferences and health appointments can be made virtual

  • Chinese platforms make digital classrooms more engaging for young students
    • Teachers can give “rewards” and real-time quizzes for immediate feedback
  • Video e-commerce offers interaction between host and customer
  • Virtual classes like piano lessons are accessible and cheap  

Market opportunities

  • Video-first platforms: upgrade and make experiences more efficient
  • Video integration with APIs: add functionality with simple tools
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