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Learning Solidity

Karl Floersch
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  • Commitment scheme consisting of two parts: commit and reveal
    • Commit: assert choice to peers
    • Reveal: reveal choice, and everyone confirms that is what you committed to
  • Useful when conducting poll or elections; prevents voters from basing judgement on votes already cast

Virtual Commit-Reveal

  • Done by using a hash function
    • The specific hex code output can only be produced by the same input, and there is no way to be given the hex code and determine what the input was
  • To start a new election, deploy a new instance of the CommitRevealElection contract and specify parameters
    • Do not change blockchain state
  • Use code functions to generate hashes, choose vote format, submit vote commits, and reveal votes
  • Deploy to public TestNet with MetaMask
    • All voting must be done from same Solidity browser link
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