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Lead nurturing 101: improve your lead nurture campaigns with these 6 strategies

Geoffrey Keating
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A lead nurturing campaign is an automated sequence that allows you to take a customer from one step to the next in the buying cycle, automatically.

7 Best Nurture Messages

  1. The welcome message
    1. Set the tone for your product.
  2. The abandoned signup message
    1. Remind new signups to finish setting up your product.
  3. The activation message
    1. What does a successful customer of your product look like?
    2. How is the new customer able to achieve the same success?
  4. The milestone message
    1. If a customer feels like they are making progress, they are more likely to adopt the product.
  5. Social proof message
    1. Use positive stories from existing customers.
  6. End of trial message
    1. Convince users that life without your product is a step backward.
  7. The win-back message
    1. Identify customers who didn't make it beyond the trial phase.
    2. Send them well-timed personal emails to try to re-engage them.

6 Strategies to Improve Nurture Campaigns

  1. Space messages out and send them at specific time intervals to ensure you are not over-messaging.
  2. Trigger messages based on actions
    1. E.g., "You haven't used feature X."
  3. Make sure different groups of users do not get the same message.
  4. Send push messages.
  5. Keep your campaign simple at first (4-5 messages), then add complexity gradually.
  6. Message people in the right place
    1. Don't get mixed up with those already using the app to those in the final stage of signup.
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