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Lazy Leadership

Andrew Wilkinson
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Lazy Leadership is about taking a step back, leaning on your team, and becoming an observer instead of an active participant in your business.

The Lazy Way

  • Entrepreneurship is a continuous process of removing yourself from the equation step-by-step and empowering your team to do the things that they do best.
  • Trusting your team with more and more responsibility delivers far better work than centralizing everything at the top.
  • Delegation empowers a great group of people to do the best work of their careers while you focus on building the machine.

The Delegation Barrier

  • If you went on vacation means your business would fall apart, you've made yourself more important than you need to be.

Building Your Machine

  • An exceptional leader builds a company that functions without them.
  • Determine the result that you want for your business.
  • Design a machine that will produce the result.
  • Then, figure out what sort of people you need as part of it.

Where to Focus Your Time

  • Reinforcing culture.
  • Building process.
  • Tracking your results.

Take a Step Back

  • Lazy Leadership is about spending time on what matters and what you’re good at, and leaving everything else to your team. 
  • Design a machine, target a result, plug in the right people, and tweak it until you get the result you want.
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