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Keepers: workers that maintain blockchain networks

Ryan Zurrer
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  • The term “Keepers” stems from the idea that because utility independent actors give to a specific blockchain network, they should be given the token they are supporting and developmental influence. 
  • Keepers drive a blockchain network performing critical jobs and maintain the stability of a crypto-economic model.  
  • Some tokens allow for Keepers to utilize governance over the system. 
    • Maker allows votes with the core development team having the final say. 
    • Tezos incorporates a voting system. 
  • Incentivizing Keepers to stay with a coin allows for both stability and best interest in the coin’s future. 

There are three categories of Keepers:

  1. Gatekeepers of Trust 
  2. Arbitrage Keepers 
  3. Resource-Transactional Keepers.   With decentralized networks increasing exponentially, small-scale Keeper operations should be the beginning and entrepreneurs should begin to look at new sources of scaling.  
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