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Jeff Bezos On Decisionmaking

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Bezos’ views on decision making

  1. Don’t use power point 
  2. Every day should be approached as if it’s the first day of the startup 
  3. High velocity is critical to day 1 decision making 

How does he do this?

  1. Every decision is laid out in a six page narrative, collaborative memo 
  2. As the memo is being written, be prepared to re-consider and challenge the decision being made 
  3. After completing the memos there is a meeting where attendees spend the first 30 minutes reading and understanding the memo to make sure everyone is up to date  

Other Important Considerations

  1. Companies must differentiate between Type 1: big decisions that cannot be reversed, and Type 2: decisions that can be reversed easily
  2. If a company uses a type 1 approach on type 2 decisions, it wastes time 
  3. If a company uses a type 2 approach on type 1 decisions they have a higher risk of making an irreversible mistake 
  4. Being able to make decisions quickly and course correct when necessary is they kry to Amazon’s innovation 
  5. When not everyone agrees, Bezos applies the disagree and commit rule 
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