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A Summary of

Introducing curation markets

Simon de la Rouviere
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Curation Markets is a model that allows groups to more effectively coordinate & earn from value they co-create around shared goals.

Beneficiaries/Initial Auction

  • Curation markets allow the ability to have an associated beneficiary who benefits from the minting process. 
  • An initial token launch could be desired in order to raise funds


  • In April, the Curation Market paper was released. 
    • Amazing feedback has been given since with detail on how curation markets can function.

Example Usages

  • Topic Filtering
  • Monetizing Open Source Projects
  • Personal Attention Markets
  • Decentralized Bands
  • Collectively curating decentralized, virtual worlds
  • Topic-based AR filters
  • Dank Meme Markets
  • An Art-Creating, Decentralized Bot

The Grand Curation Market & Registry

  • If many curation markets flourish, it will be useful to add a disambiguation layer for curation markets themselves. 
    • To curate curation markets: finding the best curation market per topic. 

Code & Implementation

  • When the given code is deployed, it allows a token to be minted according to the cost curve in the whitepaper. 
    • Tokens can be used to back curators per sub-topic. 
    • Tokens can be withdrawn from the supply.

Technical Details

  • The base layer is an ERC20 Token. 
  • The second component is ContinuousToken.sol. 
  • The third component is the CurationToken.sol
  • The final part is an example of implementing this for a simple Curation Market.
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