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In Flight | Can Titles Unseat ESPN?

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Titles is an interactive and social sports streaming app founded by Soren Wrenn and Parker Seagren that turns viewers into participants. They bring top live-streamed games to users’ phones, turning them into interactive, participatory experiences by adding real-time prediction games and chat.


  • The world we live in is full of compelling gamified, social, mobile-first experiences that appeal to the next generation of fans


  • The goal is to take advantage of the opportunities presented by mobile in delivering social and participatory experiences and deliver a differentiated content experience in short-form

Product features

  • Live short-form content for mobile-friendly consumption
  • Chat for fan banter and conversation
  • Real-time prediction games that live on top of the content


  • Leagues, networks, and consumers all have vastly different goals, so building a home where those fit together is challenging


  • Short-term - Titles will be an interactive sports streaming app where you can watch a suite of live games
  • Long-term - It will also be the creator of sports leagues that are mobile native and allow fans to dictate action in real-time
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