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Startups have begun to tackle the inconvenience of mortality, offering new ways to help people live longer or even forever. Some tactics include: - Supplements - Transfusions and injections - Digitization

1000 words:

In 2019, investment in cannabis shrunk following increased costs for legal sellers. This is due to the tax and regulatory burdens placed on legal sellers versus costs for illegal sellers.

Other Topics:

  • A Florida judge granted law enforcement access to a DNA database, setting the precedent for release of data from popular businesses like 23&Me.
  • Advertising will soon have heaps of data on each individual consumer and their consumption habits, data which some consumers may find worrying.
  • Domino’s released cheese topped with boba tea in its Taiwan franchises, which is a decidedly odd pairing.
  • Compound is an app that allows users to share an account accessible by card. This makes sharing money simpler compared to other available options (e.g. Splitwise).
  • Letting employees have Fridays off yielded a 40% productivity for Microsoft Japan.
  • The US may be behind competitors in strategic intelligence despite spending huge sums on defense.
  • Some influencers have found ways to monetize items like ‘Close Friendship’ on Instagram.
  • Barneys in NYC was officially closed down, and its name rights were purchased by Authentic Brands Group.
  • Deutsche Telekom has been in the habit of creating conflict with companies using specific colors in the brand and labels, a questionable and ineffective tactic.
  • Colleges have begun soliciting applications from students with lower test scores than that of their median admission score in the hopes of lowering their acceptance rate.
  • Recent technology has engendered the creation of a shirt that makes its wearer invisible to AI.
  • Deep brain stimulation provides a new avenue for curing drug addiction.
  • 15% of swordfish is likely actually shark meat due to a lack of rigorous testing standards in the fishing industry.
  • Puolanka, Finland has embraced a reputation as the most pessimistic town in the world.
  • Crypto crimes have become increasingly popular in Iceland due to a high volume of crypto miners.
  • A former convict, Christina Randall, has found a way to monetize her experience as a criminal by creating content which showcases prison life hacks.
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