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How today's fastest growing B2B businesses found their first ten customers

Lenny Rachitsky
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The three sourcing strategies to acquire your first ten B2B customers

  1. Reach out to your personal connections, including investors, friends, and former colleagues.
    1. It’s a significant advantage to establish a strong personal network in B2B. This can also be built with the involvement of a connector investor or by participating in an incubator, such as YC.
    2. For companies that are not going bottom up and need to “sell” products, it’s even more crucial to tap into your personal network since early adopters need reasons to trust you.
    3. For employees, contact anyone you know in any industry, or at any start-up.
  2. Connect with your customers where they currently spend time: online sites, online communities, offline events, door to door, mailing lists, news groups.
    1. Gain support from leaders in the online communities, which can help with word-of-mouth growth.
  3. Garner press.
    1. Coordinate a press release and launch.

Important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who in your personal network could be a potential customer? How can you quickly establish a network?
  2. Who are the target customers, and where are they currently spending time, either online or offline?
  3. What’s a memorable and unrevealed story you can tell the press?
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