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How to tell your company story

Jeff Gardner
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Unlike movies or other works, the stories of startups should not have closure, rather they should serve as a compelling mission in which companies continue to expand.

Good Stories Build Good Teams

The story a company presents helps in attracting the right people and getting rid of people who don’t believe in that story. Stories connect the present moment to the vision of the future.

Story of Product

The product should be engineered in a way that meets the story of the customer.

Story of Momentum

  • It is important to maintain story and principles when growing fast.
  • E.g. Starbucks sacrificed quality for growth, but Howard Shultz turned around company by balancing growth with focus on exceptional service, quality, and experience (i.e. he maintained the story that made Starbucks great to begin with).
  • Finally, human beings have the ability to organize under the belief of a single story, and that’s why it is very important to keep and have a great story.
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