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How to start account-based marketing in 5 steps

Max Altschuler
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Account based marketing ABM is a targeting strategy where companies market to accounts (B2B), not individual users. 

Benefits to ABM marketing

  • Focused approach. Low value targets are filtered out, more promising leads can be prioritized.
  • Better marketing content is created from a personalized approach.
  • Collaboration between marketing and sales departments.

Is ABM right for you?

  • Best if your business is B2B.
  • Not metrics driven.
  • Still defining sales process.

5 Step Experiment

  • Choose a target account: Identify the most valuable targets and research how to reach them
  • Identify key decision makers
  • Build personalized content for your target stakeholders.
  • Focus on quality of engagement
  • Constantly measure your progress and tweak your approach
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