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How to Spot and Magnify the Powers of Your Engineering Superheroes

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When hiring engineers, it is important to understand what truly inspires them. This is their superpower in an engineering sense.


  • This is someone driven by solving big, challenging problems.
  • They have a singular focus and incredible stamina
  • To best manage this person, emphasize on the mission not metrics

The Flash

  • This is someone driven by speed and exposure
  • Practices incredible speed to share work
  • To best manage them, let them lead the charge and quickly test code

The Priest

  • This person is driven by responsiveness
  • They have a singular focus and have incredible intellect
  • It is important to let these people process and prioritize through structure

The Spielberg

  • They are driven by tactic communication
  • They continually draw attention back to the user and to the purpose of the software’s purpose
  • To best manage these people, pair them with the product team and value their opinion. This is a way to recognize the unique faculty of the engineers at hand and in doing so, you are able to create the optimal environment for them to flex their powers.
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