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How to Present Designs

Julie Zhuo
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A good presentation addresses expectations while successfully transferring what’s in your head to the rest of the room.

How to Present a Design

  1. Recap the feedback from last time
    1. A few short sentences to set the context and reel people back into the mindset of the project
  2. Address expectations up front for what you’re going to present
    1. This helps set the pace and focus of the meeting
  3. Describe the design work in the context of user goals
    1. Design is about problem-solving, and therefore talking about design should reflect that
    2. Tell the story about how this particular design solves a problem
  4. If you have multiple takes on a particular UI, walk through alternatives
    1. If you are confident in one specific UI you should just present and talk about that one direction
    2. If you aren’t confident, showing your top two or three directions can lead to helpful feedback and discussion
  5. Recap the feedback before you leave
    1. End with an overview of what was discussed and what the next steps are
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