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How to make cross-functional design teams work

Gustavs Cirulis
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Bottom Line

  • Cross-functional design teams are more effective but require overcoming some challenges

Challenge: Designers Lack Feedback From Other Designers

  • Solution: Organize design meetings or design sharing platforms where designers can get feedback

Challenge: Work Gets Siloed and Designs Get Incompatible

  • Solution: Develop a process for Transparency amongst all your design teams (e.g., google docs with goals, Basecamp)

Challenge: Designs Become Inconsistent

  • Solution: Introduce a design system (e.g., design patterns, design principles) that keeps everyone aligned

Challenge: Designers Have Different Values

  • Solution: Establish shared design principles that outline the qualities and values that the designs will strive to achieve

Challenge: Difficulty Learning from Other Designers

  • Solution: New hires and designers who have been on a single team for awhile do tours with different teams

Challenge: Lacking a Social Sense for the Designers

  • Solution: Organize events for the design team specifically.
  • Solution: Do a show and tell of major projects
  • Solution: Set aside a designer only space for co-working
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