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How to Do Well in Product Manager Job Interviews

Bijan Shahrokhi
Agile Insider
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Product Manager job interviews are often unpredictable, making them difficult to prepare for. We can identify four major question types to prepare for. The key to thriving in PM interviews is preparing for each of these types.

4 Main Types of PM Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself
    1. Tips: Tell your experience like a story. Use specific and tangible markers of your past work. Make it clear why you’re Interested and show potential commitment to the company. Practice.                    
  2. Behavioral Questions
    1. Tips: Use the STAR framework - Highlight the Situation, Task, Action and Result in each response.
  3. Product Manager Questions
    1. Tips: Practice by reading example questions online and doing mock interviews with other PMs. 
  4. Product Manager Process
    1. Tips: Cover the things that matter to your company. Highlight skills and proficiencies that make you uniquely qualified. Consider how you’ll interact with your co-workers as a PM. The best way to prepare is to understand the company and prepare for a wide variety of possibilities.
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