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How to Become Insanely Well-Connected  

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7 Rules for Making Memorable Connections

  1. Convey genuine appreciation
    1. People love feeling liked and that you are genuinely interested in them.
  2. Listen with intent
    1. Demonstrate that the other person is being heard through follow up questions and encourage them to continue talking.
  3. Use humility markers
    1. Be humble and acknowledge your human imperfection. 
  4. Offer unvarnished honesty
    1. Separate yourself through honesty and focusing on situations that will have utility for other parties.
  5. Blue-sky Brainstorm
    1. Help others brainstorm even if you can't provide what they are looking for.
  6. End every meeting or conversation with optimism
    1. Will help create a better conversation if you meet again.
  7. Don't fake it till you make it
    1. This creates unwanted situations with negative consequences.
    2. Diligent preparation for interactions with individuals is key.

Do’s and Don'ts of building long lasting relationships

Do’s: - Constantly reach out to your “dream contact list”. - Be cognizant of people's time and make any request easy for them. - Follow up after a meeting and follow through with anything you say you will do. - Create a system to stay in touch with your contacts. - Due diligence on people you are meeting with. - Do everything you can to prepare for a meeting so that regardless of the result you know you did everything you could. Don’t: - Ambush people. - Reach out only when you need something. - Keep track of your response rate.

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