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How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably

Steph Smith
Steph Smith
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Initial Considerations

  • Greatness is not instantaneous
  • Greatness is a reflection of a period of effort, since greatness in a single instance can be reduced to luck
  • Greatness is earned
  • Being “great” is not about being better than someone else
  • It is about being dependable and disciplined

Be Consistent

  • Continuous effort leads to greatness if:
  • Inputs are consistent over time
  • Intentional inputs lead to expected outputs
  • If you don’t have the opportunity to “do great things”, focus on consistently achieving small win in a good way, repeatedly
  • Success is not achieved linearly or in step function
  • There will be ups and downs but the key is to persevere through the downs

Act with Intention

  • Actions and results will not always reflect your intentions, but as you move towards “greatness”, you will have a better idea of what inputs actually deliver output
  • The best things in life often aren’t miracles, but well-thought out approaches that are sustainable
  • Investing time into solving for what leads to success continuously will yield compounding benefits

Establish a Habit of Progression

  • Become good at being decent
  • A habit of progression must come with the right inputs and take the form of iteration

Stop Speculating

  • The “search” for greatness is misguided because what we imagine to be great, is not that great at all
  • Instead of speculating what may make you great, start doing
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