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How the U.S. government used blockchain to fight fraud

Kathryn Haun
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A Federal Prosecutor Describes How Blockchain Can be Used in Criminal Justice.

  • Blockchain can do a lot more good than bad. The US Government is using blockchain technology to fight crime and fraud.
  • The Silk Road is a dark road market place where anything can be bought and is only possible because of blockchain.
  • A government agent attempted to set up a murder using Silk Road but was then caught because of blockchain technology.

The agent was caught because blockchain is:

  • Public
  • Immutable
  • Permanent
  • Highly Reliable
  • Decentralized The federal agent was indicted for extortion and embezzlement because his actions were able to be tracked with blockchain. Without blockchain, he would still be a federal agent today.

Other places blockchain can be used for public good:

  • Fraudulent public records can be identified via blockchain
  • Drivers licenses and birth certificates might be a good place to start
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