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How I Redesigned My Work and Life Around a Growth Mindset

Sachin Rekhi
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Sachin Rekhi, founder and CEO of Notejoy, discusses and shares his process of shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Blog to Bring Clarity to Thoughts

  • Document successes and failures to help identify mistakes and build a plan for improvement
  • You can have an impact on others by sharing experiences

Spend an Hour Learning Every day

  • Explore a mix of sources to immerse yourself in the content
  • Use social media as an outlet to synthesize content express opinions of main points
  • Have or find a professional network to engage in discussions about content
  • Write blog posts

Absorb Colleagues' Super Powers

  • Find and interact with colleagues that your aren't as familiar with and consume everything possible about what they excel at

Memorialize Praise and Rejection

  • Build self-confidence with praise notes and jot down every small praise you receive
  • Have a set of rejection notes to learn from and recognize progress

Train Like An Athlete

  • Identify which areas of your life have a growth or fixed mindset
  • Approach tasks as individual drills to help level-up capabilities
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