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Here's Why Zola Cherishes its NPS Detractors as Much as its Promoters

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Shan-Lyn Ma, Zola’s CEO and founder, explains how Zola deals with NPS (Net Promoter Score) research and acts on feedback from both critics and lauders.

Early Detractors are the New Early Adopters

  • Zola initially learned more from focusing more on their negative NPS surveys.
  • Detractors often offer stronger guides for improvement than promoters.
  • Ex. Zola used the feedback that customers needed more than one registry to add all the items they wanted, so Zola added over 500 brands and 50,000 more gifts to their registry.

The two Ms of NPS survey outreach

  • Feedback is most actionable when Zola conducts surveys monthly and by milestone.
  • Zola sends NPS surveys monthly to a fraction of its users since its opening to create a cadence or rhythm of giving feedback
  • To improve the context of data, Zola also sends out surveys once couples first sign up for Zola and a few weeks after the couple’s wedding.
  • Soliciting feedback via context and cadence allows Zola to stay ahead of emerging issues proactively

Bucket feedback by theme

  • Growth is most efficient when you sort feedback by themes of the detractors’ issues.
  • Then, Zola counts the themes with the greatest number of comments and prioritizes action based on whether the issue is a deal-breaker for its users.
  • Ex. Zola was proactive in thinking about interracial couples when they automatically sent couples a list of events and milestones corresponding to family traditions instead of just sending a standard checklist.

Close the Loop

  • By circling back to each person who leaves a comment, Zola double checks if they are moving in the right direction and strengthens their community one person at a time.
  • The ultimate goal is to get every couple to be a promoter by the end of their experience with the company.
  • Zola pays attention to each comment and thanks people for their feedback.
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