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Here's Why You're Not Hiring the Best and the Brightest

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To hire the best, don't just hire locally, hire globally. If a global community will use your software, the world should be helping to build that software. Making remote work is important.

Judge employee’s work based on output

  • When someone you hired sees a flaw, they should take the initiative to make it right on their own.

During the hiring process, give them an audition project

  • If you can't find a mini audition project for a strong candidate, you’re not structuring work properly

Work Structure

  • Implement a Real Time Chat (E.G. Slack)
  • At least once a week at an absolute minimum; meetings to understand the human being behind all those check-ins.
  • Brainstorming
    • Our “solution” to this problem was to avoid hiring people that need extensive mentoring. 
  • Monday Team Status Reports
    • Take minutes!
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