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Here's What a Real Growth Strategy Looks Like‚ Road Tested by Facebook and Remind

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Remind’s VP of Marketing Meenal Balar provides frameworks and advice to help startups of all types stop guessing and start growing.

  • Think about growth as something much bigger than your product.
  • Nail down retention before putting a defined user acquisition strategy in motion.
  • Growth is a cross-functional sport that should involve all teams.
  • Sometimes you just need to try something, see what works, and move forward.
  • Create a culture of measurement and big bets that is data-driven and fuels growth, removes friction, and constantly improves user experience.
  • Invest in tools, time, and people to capture great quality data.
  • Your infrastructure should make it clear where users are coming from, what they are doing, and why they are leaving.
  • Growth is just the beginning; every company should be looking for progression in acquisition, activation, engagement, and virality.
  • Usability testing comes in all shapes and sizes and is vital to troubleshooting and growth.
  • The root of organic growth is engaged users who spread the word.
  • Push notifications can be a great tool to reach users at opportune moments, but keep in mind content, the trigger, audience, and delivery to maximize a-ha moments.
  • Anticipate what emotional experience your users want to have and then deliver it to them immediately.
  • As you grow, and more and more people learn about and use your product, your audience will begin to change.
  • Once you hit your stride with organic acquisition, it might also make more sense to integrate paid mechanisms as well.
  • Remember to nurture the humility it takes to understand your audience and the truth about how they are using your product.
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