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GV’s Kate Aronowitz and Vanessa Cho on leading through design

Stewart Scott-Curran
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Great designers have superpowers.

Ways that you can prove your worth to executives and get them to lean on you are to excel at: - Facilitating discussions. - Bringing people to decisions faster - Helping them visualize what a room is thinking

Adaptability is key.

  • As a team lead, you must be prepared to provide guidance and direction to the team.
  • What gets you from A to B is not necessarily what’s going to get you from B to C.
  • What works for one company will not always work for another.

Seats at the table are earned, not given.

  • Ask yourself how you can use design to help drive the bottom line and build a better company.
  • This is what shows you're a real leader, rather than just a design leader.

Pay it forward.

  • If you’re successful, it’s because someone has helped you get there.
  • Support is how the industry grows.
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