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A Summary of

GTM motions of 30 B2B SaaS companies

Lenny Rachitsky
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Plan Your Go-To-Market Motion

  1. What market segment to go after
    1. VSB
    2. SMB
    3. Mid-market
    4. Enterprise
  2. Who to go after within the organization
    1. Top-down: Founders, VP of x, Head of y, etc.
    2. Bottom-up: Internal tools engineers, IC designers, etc.
  3. How to get to them
    1. Product-led: A self-serve product that users discover through SEO, ads, or referrals
    2. Sales-led: A gated product that users discover through outbound sales


  1. 100% of product-led companies end up adding a sales team, if not going sales-led completely
  2. Everyone moves upmarket—few go the other direction
  3. Almost everyone starts by going after VSBs or SMBs (aka startups)
  4. Everyone targets one (and max three) personas within an organization
  5. Sales-led companies often add a bottom-up self-serve product, primarily to drive lead gen
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