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Growth Marketing - How To Grow A Startup

Julian Shapiro
Julian Shapiro
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Growth marketing directly increases revenue, and is a rigorous methodology consisting of experimentation, data collection, iteration, and behavioral psychology. 

The Growth Funnel

Lead Acquisition: - Paid channels - Advertising and sponsorships - Unpaid channels - Content marketing, referrals, virality, PR, community, and more Conversion: - Run tests to improve conversion rate at each step of the funnel  Engagement: - Stage where users try new features, buy more products, and build a recurring habit of relying on the product - Users start recommending product to friends Revenue: - Reduce costs and increase conversion, retention, cross-selling, up-selling, and prices Referral: - Word of mouth, customers doing the selling for you

Succeeding at Paid Channels

  • Profit margin
    • Earn back at least the customer’s lifetime value
  • Significant audience size
    • Narrowly a function of how many suitable users there are for your product
  • Degree of product demand
    • The less obviously valuable the product is, the better it needs to be pitched

Succeeding at Unpaid Channels

  • Product-led growth
    • Product grows virally from users inviting each other to use the app together
  • Content and SEO
    • Build distribution pipelines around your content
  • Word-of-mouth and referrals
    • People can’t stop talking about your product
  • Sales
    • Attract sales leads
  • Everything else
    • PR or organic social media for example 

Which Channel Mixture to use?

B2C Companies: - Ecommerce companies - Organic social media, influences, sponsorships, and marketplaces - Mobile apps - Instagram/FB ads and Apple search - SaaS app - FB ads, content, and product-led growth - Brick and mortar - FB ads, Instagram ads, Yelp ads, and PR B2B Companies: - Niche B2B with high average revenue per user (ARPU): Sales, content, webinars, partnerships, online ads - Broad B2B with medium ARPU - Content, webinars, partnerships, online ads, and then sales - Niche B2B with low ARPU - Word-of-mouth, community building, product-led growth - Broad B2B with low ARPU - Content marketing, online search ads, and product-led growth

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