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Great Products Don’t Happen By Accident

Jon Lax
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The 2000s saw technology shortening business cycles and increasing disruption. As technology moved distribution costs to nearly 0, speed and agility became essential for business. However, speed is not the only thing that should be valued. We need to be able to stop and reflect on how we do what we do.

How do you do what you do?

  1. The author has been obsessed with this question
  2. However, the most common response he has gotten is “it depends”
    1. This shows the person has no conviction
    2. This isn't true because since every person has some sort of framework, but sometimes it is hard to recognize the patterns
  3. The jobs and tasks we do are things that can be achieved through repeatable actions and frameworks

Great Products Don’t Happens by Accident

  1. There needs to be some plan for how you do what you do
  2. We need rough architectures
    1. A set of boundaries we use to guide us in dynamic environments
  3. Football is a good example
    1. Playbooks consist of thousands of plays but only a few will be used in a game
  4. We need to build a playbook of how you build products for every company

Play Template

  1. Questions to ask:
    1. When to run this play?
    2. What can they expect from the play?
    3. What are the roles of different people?
    4. What actions do you do to run this play?
  2. Thinking in terms of a play book helps embrace continuous improvement since you can continue to update the playbook
  3. The next time someone asks how you do what you do... you can show them your playbook
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