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Google's Empire is Being Unbundled

Mario Gabriele
The Generalist
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Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is experiencing unbundling in four key areas: search, browsing, email, and collaboration.


  • Google effectively has a monopoly on search, but Neeva is a rising alternative.
  • Neeva monetizes by charging consumers a monthly fee, and it may be carving itself a niche to viably compete with Google in the future.


  • With its robust platform of extensions, Chrome remains the most versatile and powerful browser with Safari trailing in second place.
  • Brave, Opera, and The Browser Company have entered the folds in attempts to speed up browser speed and loading.


  • By a narrow margin, Google is the dominant email provider.
  • Superhuman, Hey, and Front offer email client alternatives and appear to be ushering in perhaps a new wave of founders pursuing the space.


  • G-Suite includes a range of applications including Hangouts, Chat, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar.
  • Zoom, Slack, Notion, and AirTable among others have come forward to challenge G-Suite's dominance and offer similar yet different products.

Anatomy of a Challenger

  • There is no inherent morality in bundling or unbundling, but in the particularities of the current moment, it is hard not to wish for more viable challengers.
  • Consumers may benefit as the monolith of Google is unbundled.
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