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Juan Benet, Chris Dixon
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Host Chris Dixon talks to Juan Benet, the CEO and Founder of Protocol Labs about the “InterPlanetary File System” (IPFS), which is a protocol designed by Benet that allows users to access content directly from anyone else who has downloaded that content - For example, you could access a desired Wikipedia page directly from another user who has that page downloaded. - IPFS is prevalent in the blockchain space since it allows for completely logically decentralized web content, and it has several key advantages: - There are no specific servers governing file access - Content cannot disappear or be altered - You can access content directly from a nearby user who has already downloaded that content


The host next asks Benet about Filecoin, a protocol created by Protocol labs that aims to turn crypto mining into useful work. - Filecoin is an internet-native token that emerged from IPFS which allows for transactions for unused storage spage. - Next, they discuss ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), which are pre-launch sales of tokens. Benet was the co-creator of CoinList, which is a fundraising platform for emerging protocol networks.

Fostering Development on New Protocols

Finally, the podcast dives into the huge lag from research-lab ideas to actual products for end users. - Protocol Labs aims to create protocol development communities where all developers can have a share in the value of the developed token.

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