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Friday, March 13, 2015 On Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners and Theft.

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  • Pioneers are able to explore never before discovered concepts, the uncharted land.


  • Settlers can turn the half baked thing into something useful for a larger audience. They build trust, understanding and make the possible future actually happen. They turn the prototype into a product.

Town Planners

  • They build the services that pioneers build upon. They take something that exists and turn it into a commodity or a utility.

How to Start

  • Start with Town Planners.
  • Hire Pioneers. Determine an activity that is currently a product but is ready for industrialization to a commodity.
  • Hire Settlers next. Te job of the settlers is to identify common patterns in the ecosystem.
  • Hire Town Planners. You should already have them on your team.

On Disruption

  • Pioneers don't disrupt. There is nothing to disrupt.
  • Settlers sometimes disrupt (as in product to product substitution in an industry). This is unpredictable.
  • Town Planners often disrupt past industries. This can be anticipated quite a time in advance.
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