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Focus, relax, and sleep with Endel

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
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Oleg Stavitsky, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Endel, discusses how his award-winning app helps you focus, relax and sleep.


  • Endel enhances meditation by providing sound scenarios, unlike other apps that offer “static” playlists only.
  • The sounds are personalized to your environment and physical state – the team believes there is no universal sound that can help everyone.

The Science Behind Endel

  • The application blends technology, art, and science, which are informed by biological rhythms and aeroacoustics.
  • Endel helps to juxtapose our current state, often disrupted by external stimuli like noise and stress, with an ideal biological rhythm using particular sounds.
  • Endel’s sounds are non-intrusive, designed to be relaxing and undemanding for the brain.
  • The application offers soothing sounds based on the pentatonic scale, the oldest and most organic musical pitch.
  • Moreover, Endel utilizes sound masking and colored noise to hide disturbing city sounds.
  • The app offers classic and simple Sleep soundscapes, including AI Lullaby.

Interesting Features

  • Stavitsky is particularly proud of their scientifically- engineered sleep routine, circadian rhythm widget, and the Study mode.
  • Interestingly, the Endel widget allows you to see your current and upcoming energy levels, which helps you with daily planning.

How Endel Helps You Sleep

  • The Sleep routine includes the introduction that enhances your pre-bedtime rituals.
  • The Sleep soundscape soothes you into a deep sleep.
  • After a rest, the alarm wakes you with gentle sounds.
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