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Focus on building 10x teams, not on hiring 10x developers

Avichal Garg
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“Economics of Superstars” highlights the existence of a 10x worker/teammate who, by being 10x better than the median worker, generates exponential value.

However, in software, unlike basketball, the team rather than an individual worker drives success. Thus, the focus should instead be on building a 10x team rather than finding 10x individuals.

How to Build a 10x Team:

Consider the following questions: - Does this hire build upon the team’s strategic advantage? - Is there enough of a common culture between team members? - Would this candidate drive other team members to be better?

Types of people that drive other to be better:

  • "The Lead Engineer": This is the general personal people think of as the 10x developer; they're the ultimate leader (and taskmaster).
  • "The Hustler": This person thinks outside the box to get things done.
  • "The Little Engine That Could": This person is extremely motivated and determined. They refuse to quit and inspire the rest of the team to commit their effort as well.
  • "The Teacher": This individual is consistently learning and imparting new knowledge upon other team members.
  • "The Anti-Pinocchio": This person will call out other team members and keep them honest.
  • "The Energizer Bunny": This team member is a model of productivity and enthusiasm for the rest of the team. productive.
  • "The Heart": By being a genuinely good person, the heart helps establish social ties and culture within the group. Bringing together individuals within these categories will help generate a 10x team, as they each drive the one another to improve.
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