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Five Lessons from Scaling Pinterest

Sarah Tavel
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Strategies that helped Pinterest boost efficiency while scaling

  1. What you measure matters
    1. You can only improve what you can measure, and ensuring you're judging success based on the most meaningful numbers is crucial.
  2. Organizational structure matters
    1. Though "flat" organizational structures are popular, the lack of defined roles and roadmaps hinders efficiency. Your structure should reflect your strategy.
  3. Listen to your users, but be aware of your next 100m
    1. Your passionate users are core to your success, but when scaling you have to design for the customers you hope to have, too.
  4. Build user trust - and don't jeopardize it
    1. Think of user trust as a bank, you should always deposit more than you withdraw. This allows some leeway to take product risks later.
  5. Focus on long term growth, challenges are normal
    1. Every company has times of uncertainty - even Facebook and Pinterest. Push through and trust the long term strategy.
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