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Fight Like You're Right, Listen Like You're Wrong and Other Keys to Great Management 

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Great management skills can be learned

  • Due to a “magnification effect,” leaders are responsible for ~15% of what actually happens but they get ~50% of the blame or credit.
  • When you’re successful, you should be especially wary you’re not going to turn into a self-absorbed, clueless idiot.

The hallmark of a great boss is to know when to be aggressive versus passive.

5 rules for managers to achieve this balance: 1. Create a safe space for truth to flourish 1. Downplay punishment for failure, and commit to listening to what employees have to say 2. Encourage fights in an atmosphere of mutual respect 3. Adopt a “small win” strategy 1. Break goals into bite-sized pieces to keep people motivated and prevent teams from getting stuck 4. Provide feedback to employees 1. Be able to receive feedback in any form 5. Nip disrespect in the bud 1. Shut down bad behavior amongst peers or to customers and keep a close eye on “superstars” and “rotten apples” 2. Superstars: Define what it means to be a superstar and how high performers should be incentivized / rewarded 3. Rotten Apples: Lazy, depressive, or uncooperative employees who consistently put their own needs ahead of their peers, customers or the company need to be removed sooner than later Know if you lead like a boss by asking yourself: “After people talk to you, do they come away with more or less energy?” This is the strongest predictor of whether or not people get promoted or fired.

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