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Facebook and the Dogfood Problem

Byrne Hobart
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Facebook outage…

  • Facebook relies on internal products and software
  • The outage yesterday knocked out user apps, but also Facebook’s “internal systems”
  • They were even physically locked out of “data centers”
  • This was an $80m hit to Facebook, but also a total USA sales hit of $200m
  • Perhaps they should have had more backup systems, but this also increases security risk
  • More internal checks or a complete system rethink might prevent such a problem in the future.


  • Companies like Tinder and Roblox are taking advantage of offering and using their own currency in order to “incentivize particular behaviors”
  • The current high price of gas is making it a less desirable substitute for coal. It also makes power shortages expensive. Gas is usually a competitive coal substitute due to emissions costs.
  • A container shortage means that companies are selecting to only ship their more expensive products in order to keep profits up. This means less cheap options available.
  • Cryptocurrency purchases may be a good idea for tax purposes since the “losses can be realized quickly”.
  • Amazon now offers shipping based on contact info if you don’t have the address. How? 2020 caused a mix of moves that didn’t always get documented everywhere. But people update their Amazon addresses asap.
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