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Jeff Bezos and Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)

  • In April 2018 Bezos and MBS meet at dinner and exchange numbers
  • In May 2018 MBS messages a video which Bezos opens leading to his phone being compromised with a 29,000% spike in data leaving his device 
  • A reporter from the Washington Post is then murdered in October of 2018 by agents of the Saudi government
  • We are seeing a concerning influence of bloody dictators meddling in the American tech sector

Green Jobs

  • The World Economic Forum’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” noted that green positions are expected to grow at 35% over the next two years, a rapid increase

Apocalypse Signs

  • Bill Gates cited statistics from the Institute of Disease Modeling saying how the US remains deeply underprepared, reliant on long supply chains for medical supplies, and susceptible to bias that causes us to overlook high-severity disasters like a pandmeic

Company Updates

  • Dating app Bumble is praised for its female-first approach and inclusiveness, but its office culture is known as a cliquish environment reminiscent of “Mean Girls”
  • WeWork has sold Teem and its stake in The Wing in a 90-day strategy to refocus on the core business 
  • A team of academics from Zurich believe by leveraging sound waves, robots are able to hold and maneuver objects without touching them
  • In order to keep drivers as independent contractors, Uber is testing a new feature to give driver’s the ability to set their own prices up to 5x the base rate
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