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Examples and templates of 1-Pagers and PRDs

Lenny Rachitsky
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Elements of a Great 1-Pager

  • Problem-oriented
    • Crystallize the problem being solved in a few strong sentences
  • Clear success criteria
    • Super-specifically define what success looks like when the product or feature ships
  • Just enough direction
    • Give the reader just enough an idea of what the project will entail without eliminating the opportunity to come up with better solutions
  • Urgency
    • Provide a clear timeline to keep the project moving forward
  • Short and sweet
    • Keep it brief and put additional context into an appendix

Good Examples

  • Chariot Chat by Beaudry Kock
  • Lost and Found (Lyft) by Evan Goldin
  • Shift Swap Project Charter by John Koht
  • Shopify to Quickbooks Connector by Todd Kovalsky
  • by George Nurijanian
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