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eBay‚ First Chief Diversity Officer on Humanizing Diversity and Inclusion

First Round Review
First Round Review
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Damien Hooper-Campbell shares how he believes we can humanize an increasingly popular discussion that is otherwise at risk of becoming a rote phrase in tech: diversity and inclusion (D&I).

  • Based on internet searches for D&I alone, it is clear the topic has become a sticky, sore spot of conversation when it should be focused on people and something good.
  • Currently, the tech sector tends to approach meaningful change via D&I leadership roles, progress via percentages, and formal trainings.
  • Hooper-Campbell believes that these investments of money, resources, and time must be coupled with the human element that is at the foundation of this D&I conversation.
  • Draw wider Circles of Trust faster by pushing beyond the boundaries of surface-level conversations.
  • Before defining diversity and inclusion, parse what they mean to different employees as separate words and when thought about together.
  • Have people share out their experiences as they relate to their definitions and understandings and see that the human condition is on full display.
  • The experiences of sharing will naturally bring your team closer together and make D&I less of a buzzword phrase and more of a human experience.
  • Start with a human conversation and a commitment to use your positions of leadership to never knowingly—either directly or indirectly—allow anyone in your sphere of influence to feel the adjectives of the excluded.

The Checklist

  • Start with a conversation.
  • Demand that inclusion be inclusive.
  • Keep the aperture wide to counteract polarization.
  • Own D&I language before you own metrics.
  • Find the business case for D&I.
  • Remember that progress comes with vulnerability.
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