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Dylan Field - The Growing Importance of Design

Dylan Field, Patrick O'Shaughnessy
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Dylan Field - co-founder and CEO of Figma

Big Idea

  • Design will increasingly become a core competency for everyone. It’s going through the same transition that word processing went through.
  • Design is no longer how you make things look nice at the end of a process. It has become critical to the way people create software.
  • When Figma started out in 2012, there were seventy-two engineers to every one designer at IBM.
  • Today, the target for a lot of companies is six to one. That trend will continue.

Colossus Advice for Builders

  • Validate what you can validate, have faith in what you can't, and give yourself as much time as you can.
  • Most people fail because they don’t give themselves enough time and space to build something meaningful.
  • It took 9-12 months and lots of false starts before Dylan had an inkling of what Figma could be.

Favorite quote

  • “When does product-market fit occur? I like to think of it more as product-market pull. It's almost like when you stumble upon something that should exist, people start to find it and they give you feedback, and they start to pull the product out of you.”
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